Operating a shelter

Shelter operations involve all procedures for opening the physical shelter to demobilizing and closing the shelter.

1. Sample forms

  • Sample registration form that includes a guest functional needs assessment Sample Registration Form
  • Sample one day menu that takes into account various dietary restrictions such as reduced sodium and pureed foodSample One-Day Menu
  • Sample discharge form that assesses in home services/support prior to evacuation Sample Discharge Form

Cafeteria at a middle school shelter

2. Best practices and lessons learned

  • Tips for effective communications with people who have mobility impairments; use crutches, canes, or other mobility devices; have a mental illness; have a speech impairment; are blind or visually impaired; are deaf or hard of hearing; are deafblind; have autism; or have a cognitive or intellectual disability Tips for Effective Communications
  • Ready or Not? Evacuation and Sheltering Following Superstorm Sandy
    • Recorded webinar of lessons learned and best practices in planning, management and operation of evacuation and sheltering, and the integration of the Nassau County Department of Health within the local, State, and Federal emergency response systems due to Superstorm Sandy Watch

3. Tools