Emergency Planning for the Whole Community

This knowledge base topic introduces the Whole Community approach, a fundamental strategy in the emergency planning process. The topic provides resources and strategies for understanding and implementing this approach through national guidance and legal requirements, vulnerability frameworks, and core capabilities. For a more in-depth exploration of the topics below, register for the Emergency Planning for the Whole Community classroom course.


Why is planning for the Whole Community necessary?

As evidenced by this video, planning for the Whole Community is a moral obligation to ensure that we support all individuals, especially those most vulnerable. This moral obligation is also backed by legal obligations – the violation of which has resulted in multiple lawsuits following recent disasters.


  1. Whole Community Approach
  2. National Guidance
  3. Legal Requirements
  4. Categories of Vulnerability
  5. Access and Functional Needs
  6. Core Capabilities
  7. Whole Community References