Access and functional needs

1. C-MIST definition

Support services for access and functional needs can be categorized using the Functional Needs Framework C-MIST, which stands for*:

  • Communication Includes individuals who have limited or no ability to speak, see, hear, or understand
  • Medical Includes individuals who require assistance in managing daily activities and/or health conditions
  • Independence Includes individuals who are able to function independently if they have their assistive devices and/or health equipment
  • Supervision Includes individuals who may have psychiatric conditions, addiction problems, brain injury, or become anxious due to transfer trauma
  • Transportation Includes individuals who are unable to drive because of disability, age, temporary injury, poverty, addiction, legal restriction, or have no access to a vehicle

*Purdy, Barbara. C-MIST a function based framework for emergency planning. Retrieved from

2. General C-MIST Resources



Sign language interpreters assist a deaf survivor using sign language and a smart phone to register for FEMA assistance








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