A. Decontaminating staff

Following a decontamination activation, staff members who dressed in PPE and were operating in a hazardous area will require decontamination themselves. Staff can pass through the same decon line the victims used, and should be cleaned while still wearing their protective equipment. After decon is complete, the staff members will doff their PPE and take an unclothed shower in a secure, private location.

Staff may require briefings following an activation to answer any questions about the contaminants discovered.

B. Protecting staff and the facility

The next vital step is to protect staff and the facility. Hazardous waste such as removed clothing, disposables and other medical products should be stored appropriate to the suspected agents and remain on the decon line. The decontamination line should be secured to ensure that no one enters until a contracted hazardous waste clean-up service arrives. Work with the contractor to identify equipment that may be cleaned and re-processed for use again later.


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