Disaster Behavioral Health Interventions, Supporting Boston's "Responders"

Part A: Caring for the Helpers: Building Workforce Resilience for Public Health Staff 

Many factors make it difficult for Boston Public Health Commission employees to preserve their own health and well-being. With an approach of viewing staff as “clients”, BPHC’s Workforce Resilience taskforce works to address this challenge. 

Part B: Disaster Behavioral Health: Resilience Along the Disaster Continuum 

Public health, healthcare, and emergency management professionals often experience high job stress which can be compounded during a disaster. This session covered the impacts of disasters on behavioral health, equipping participants with psychological preparedness and practical stress management techniques to increase self and team resilience.


Courtney Grey, BS
Director, Disaster Behavioral Health, Office of Public Health Preparedness

Stacey Kokaram, MPH
Director, Office of Public Health Preparedness

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