Facility requirements and basic equipment lists

1. Facility requirements for performing decontamination

  • Access to running water, preferably warm and cold
  • Sufficient power for pumps, fans, etc
  • Nearby shelter or rest area for staff
  • Drain covers may be required to prevent contaminated run-off from entering municipal catch basins. If not, pumps should be used to divert contamination into hazardous waste containers.

2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Powered air purifying respirators with required accessories (hoods, batteries, flow testers, etc.)
  • Level-B chemical garment; styles vary greatly
  • Suits with attached gloves
    • Suits without this feature will require gloves and or boots to be taped at the seans
  • Chemical Resistant tape
  • Medical exam gloves
  • Chemical protective gloves
  • Chemical protective boots
    • May be overshoes or full boots

3. Decontamination equipment

If a specialized decontamination tent or unit is available, it may be “ready-to-go” and already equipped. If not, these are the general components that could be used to perform decontamination. These components could also be arranged for single victim decontamination when setting up a tent may take more time and effort than required.

  • 3 basins large enough to accommodate a standing individual
  • 3 residential garden hoses
  • Hose manifold with capacity for 3 hose outlets
  • 3 extension wands
  • 3 long handled scrub brushes
  • 3 long handled foam or sponge brushes
  • Traffic cones to encircle the decon area
  • Ground tarps for a work surface
  • Barrier tape
  • Garden sprayers
  • Baby shampoo
  • 5 Rubber non-skid mats
  • 4 folding chairs or 2 benches without backs
  • 6, 10 gallon buckets
  • Surface pump with outlet hose

4. Non-ambulatory victim equipment

  • 2 folding rolling racks or 2-4 folding plastic work horses may be substituted
  • 4 medical long boards
  • 6, 8 foot straps
  • 2 ambulance stretchers
  • 4 pair of trauma scissors

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