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Welcome to the DelValle Institute for Emergency Preparedness Knowledge Base.

This knowledge base serves as a repository for emergency preparedness resources focused on Emergency Support Function 8 (ESF #8, Public Health and Medical Services) and related public safety topics. The content in this knowledge base is based on local and national best practices. Documents developed by the DelValle Institute are distinguished by a download icon Download Icon .

Boston Bombings Infographic

2013 Boston Bombings Infographic

Notifications and EMS patient transports during the initial response, and public health and support services provided through the first few months of recovery

Hospital-Based Decontamination

Hospital-Based Decontamination

Steps to prepare, assess, build and maintain a program including who to involve, training, equipment choice, and special circumstances in decontamination process

Hospital-Based Decontamination
Managing Responses to Emerging Infectious Diseases Live Session

Managing Responses to EID Live Session

The central repository for all videos and links related to the Managing Response to Emerging Infectious Diseases training series.

Managing EID
Mass Casualty Management

Mass Casualty Management

Initial steps to assessing and managing a mass casualty incident (MCI) focusing on Incident Command and emergency triage

Mass Casualty Management
Media Library

Video Library

The central repository for all DelValle Institute videos and related media content

video library
Personal Protective Equipment

PPE for First Responders and First Receivers

Overview of first responder and first receiver Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used during HazMat and CBRN events

Personal Protective Equipment
Planning for Diverse Needs

Emergency Planning for the Whole Community

Resources focused on the Whole Community Emergency Planning Framework

Planning for the Diverse Needs of Communities
Shelter Operations FNSS

Shelter Operations FNSS

Legal foundations, pre-planning elements, sample forms, best practices and lessons learned, and tools for providing FNSS in general population shelters

Social Media Before, During, and After Emergencies

Social Media Before, During, & After Emergencies

Platforms and tools for integrating social media into agency communications and emergency plans

Social Media
OPHP Presentations

OPHP Presentations

The Office of Public Health Preparedness presents best practices and innovative solutions related to public health preparedness accross the country.

OPHP Presentations



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