Public Health Preparedness

The DelValle Institute for Emergency Preparedness is a program in the Public Health Preparedness (PHP) Division of Boston Emergency Medical Services at the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC). PHP ensures public health and medical systems in the City of Boston are preparing to respond to and recover from public health and medical disasters and emergencies. PHP is comprised of four main sections:

  • Planning and Operations: Leads emergency planning process for BPHC and ESF-8 (Public Health and Medical Services) operations
  • Preparedness and Coordination: Coordinates emergency preparedness, response, and recovery with public health and healthcare partners
  • Training and Outreach: Educates public health, healthcare, first response, and community partners through the DelValle Institute for Emergency Preparedness; and manages emergency staffing including the Boston Medical Reserve Corps program
  • Program and Project Management: Manages development and tracking of programmatic and project goals

Each section closely coordinates preparedness, response, and recovery efforts to ensure an integrated team effort.

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