workplace violence prevention

course overview

Course Description:
This one-day training provides healthcare workers with a foundation of knowledge as well as hands-on practice with self-defense techniques. Participants will learn how to effectively create, develop, and enhance their personal safety with skills, habits and actions, and will walk away with strategies and techniques to avoid and prevent violence in the workplace. The morning session provides foundational knowledge such as awareness, vigilance, and avoidance, along with methods for stress management, escape planning, and safety techniques and procedures. The afternoon hands-on session reviews self-defense, defensive blocking, defense from physical assaults, and other self-defense tactics.

Learning Objectives:
Morning session: 
By the conclusion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Increase their overall awareness to the risk of violence, and choose strategies to prevent and mitigate these risks.
  2. Understand the characteristics of violence and the predicting factors related to it.
  3. Reduce incidents of workplace violence by recognizing and implementing administrative, behavioral and environmental protocols and procedures.
  4. Understand the assault cycle and be able to de-escalate the different types of violent and aggressive individuals.
  5. Understand proper documentation and the knowledge that using reasonable force can mitigate liability risk.
  6. Understand proper methods of debriefing, post-incident responses and techniques for dealing with daily stressors.
  7. Understand reactionary time/response to a physical or weapon assault situation.
  8. Pre-plan escape routes for all environments and learn physical maneuvers and positioning to prevent isolation to violent situations.
  9. Understand appropriate safety techniques and departmental systems and procedures for the different areas of the workplace.
  10. Increase their awareness of agency protocols and procedures for responding to an emergent situation.

Afternoon session: 
By the conclusion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Understand the philosophy and goal of defending oneself or others.
  2. Exhibit principal based foundations for every self-defense skill learned.
  3. Understand the application, function and performance of blocking various attacks to the human body.
  4. Perform and understand how the human body can be utilized as a defensive tool in defending oneself or others.
  5. Have a comprehensive understanding of attacks to the front and how to defend from them.
  6. Have a comprehensive understanding of attacks to the rear and how to defend from them.
  7. Mitigate risk and litigation through proper documentation and knowledge of use of force and self-defense

Target Audience:
Front line healthcare workers and clinical staff

Personal Safety Training Incorporated 


Application has been made for 8.0 hours of OEMS credit at the Basic Level. 

This program was designed to meet the requirements of the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing, 244 CMR 5.00 for 9.6 contact hours of nursing continuing education.

This program was designed to meet the requirements of the Massachusetts Board of Registration for Sanitarians, 255 CMR 5.00 for 8.0 contact hours of continuing education

This program was designed to meet the requirements of the Massachusetts Board of Registration for Health Officers, 241 CMR 4.00 for 9.6 contact hours of continuing education.

The DelValle Institute for Emergency Preparedness is the Education & Training branch of the Office of Public Health Preparedness. In conjunction with Boston EMS, a bureau of the Boston Public Health Commission, the DelValle Institute provides high-quality all-hazards training and exercises to develop and enhance capabilities-based preparedness. This training is part of the Metro-Boston Homeland Security Region’s training and exercise program, and is supported with federal funding from the US Department of Homeland Security’s Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI). For more information regarding DelValle Institute funding, please visit our funding page.

Course Date

Please note that the registration system will indicate that this course is full, which is not the case. All registrants are initially wait-listed and then reviewed prior to acceptance into the course. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program
780 Albany Street
Boston, MA, 02118

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