Webinar Overview

Webinar Description:
This one hour webinar provides an overview of the City of Boston WebEOC system. Participants will learn how to access and navigate WebEOC boards relevant to ESF #8, and also craft and post clear, concise messages that comply with standards for protected and sensitive information. In addition, updates made to WebEOC in the last year will be reviewed.

The course will be lecture driven with demo injects and knowledge checks. A quick reference guide will be given to students to direct their use of WebEOC during incidents following the training. A drill of the WebEOC system will follow this training to assess participants’ knowledge of the course concepts.

Learning Objectives:
By the conclusion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Describe the purpose of the City of Boston WebEOC and how it is used during an incident
  2. Recall how to log onto WebEOC and access the significant events board, health unit log, incident file library, and Emergency Patient Tracking System board, using the reference guide provided
  3. Describe the characteristics of an effective WebEOC post
  4. Describe how to post a message to the Health Unit Log, using the reference guide provided
  5. Recall how and when to contact MIC for WebEOC technical support

Target Audience: 
Public Health and Healthcare 

Amanda Wolfe, MPH
Emergency Preparedness Educator
DelValle Institute for Emergency Preparedness
Office of Public Health Preparedness

Ashley Miller, MPH
Senior Program Manager, Instructional Design
DelValle Institute for Emergency Preparedness
Office of Public Health Preparedness

Please sign up for a WebEOC account in advance of the webinar. Contact the Medical Intelligence Center at (617) 343-6920 for assistance.

The DelValle Institute for Emergency Preparedness is the Education & Training branch of the Office of Public Health Preparedness. In conjunction with Boston EMS, a bureau of the Boston Public Health Commission, the DelValle Institute provides high-quality all-hazards training and exercises to develop and enhance capabilities-based preparedness. This training is part of the Metro-Boston Homeland Security Region’s training and exercise program, and is supported with federal funding from the US Department of Homeland Security’s Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI). For more information regarding DelValle Institute funding, please visit our funding page.

Webinar Date

This webinar was delivered on March 29, 2018.

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